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We make offshore bank account setup easy: Just a copy of your passport "apostille" or ID required.

Company Philosophy 

We listen to you. We are responsive, determined to being accessible to you: to listen, to consult, and to provide you with timely practical advice. We are dedicated to giving you our best thinking and effort to accomplish your goals. Our focus is always getting results for you. 
We seek to help our clients to succeed in their business; therefore we work to bring top quality customer service to the constantly expanding customer base. At SBA Consulting you will be approached by a experience, dynamic and professional team that is committed to quality and integrity when matter comes to the customer. 

Being an expert and dynamic company SBA Consulting works aggressively towards becoming a leading offshore solutions protection. Our key values are confidentiality, credibility, flexibility and reliability. We look for people who share the same values. 

SBA Consulting sustain that everyone has the right to his/her privacy and to secure his/her money. Swiss accounts are not only for millionaires. 

SBA Consulting is a company with unique environment and every contribution is highly encouraged. SBA Consulting provides open working environment where ideas can be shared and implemented in the spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

The online application service is offered by:
SBA Consulting
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Buenos Aires


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