How much does it cost to open an account with you?

Opening a Swiss Numbered bank account with us costs only U$D189 and it is an one time fee. This includes our intermediation services No hidden costs!

Can you describe me briefly the opening procedure?

The procedure is very simple. 
1. First you order our services from the order page. 
2. After paying our
U$D189 fee by Bank wire, or Western Union or  credit card, you should send an email confirming the payment and we will send you another e-mail containing a form that you must compile and send back to us. 
3. We will pass this information to the Swiss bank and this is where our service ENDS. Further communications will occur between you and the bank only, without our intermediation. 
4. After few days (one/two weeks - depending on where you live) you will receive an envelope from the bank containing some forms to compile, the terms and conditions of your account, and a prepaid envelope to send back to the bank the compiled forms. 
5. When the bank will receive your envelope your new account will be operative. 
The timeframe for all these steps is anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your location. A customer from France wrote us that the Opening Kit arrived in three days from Switzerland, another customer from India told us that it took 8 days to reach her location.

Can I fax you the necessary documents to open an account?

No. Our is only an introductory service : we introduce you to the bank and all the correspondence will be between you and the bank. Usually the opening process is done via snail mail.

Why your prices are so low? Usually companies charge from $399 to $1000 for a Swiss Numbered account!

Because we don't like to overcharge our customers and we sustain that everyone has the right to his/her privacy and to secure his/her money. Swiss accounts are not only for millionaires.

I want to open a Swiss/US account but I am concerned about my privacy. If I use your services is my personal data at risk? 

Absolutely not! Your privacy is 100% protected in many ways with us!

We act only as an intermediary and our job ends the exact moment we will pass your information to the bank. From that moment all the communications and all the correspondence will be between you and the bank. We will not be informed by the bank about the status of your application, nor we will be informed about your financial situation or banking data. 


Your personal data and your correspondence with us is maintained strictly confidential .

It's possible that the bank will reject my application?

Yes, the possibility exists but it's very, very remote. Nobody of our clients was rejected so far, and we opened hundreds of accounts. Usually a bank rejects an application only if the applicant is an international criminal , or he/she comes from third-world, "risky" countries.   

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Sure. If the bank will reject your application, we will refund your money entirely.

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